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The Improve Performance Group is for people who is passionate about cutting-edge ways to improve performance.

About Us

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The founders of ResultPartner and Improve Performance International have for the past 28 years worked for companies of all sizes with performance and result improvement as core services. We saw a need to establish an Online Web Portal focusing on various topics that are about performance improvement on a high level. Much has been written about this but little has been done to gather people and to systematize all knowledge, experience, methods that promote high-level performance. What is the key to all those who are performing at a high level? This “recipe” is what we are looking for in our portal. We are a group of resources that are behind the establishment and are looking for the time coming for the professional responsible https://improve.no/careers_archive/ledige- settings-for-improve-performance-group/.

We welcome you with this and look forward to your valuable contributions!


Our Mission

Our mission is to “improve the way we work, live, learn and play” and to enable people and businesses throughout the world to improve their full potential.

Our Vision

Improvement is hard and uncomfortable.

A majority of the people in the world has one or more things in life they want to improve. Either its their health, relations, work performance, attitude, behaviour, how they spend their time or whatever. They all want to improve their life and in order to improve you need to change and change is naturally rejected in peoples nature. Unfortunately this is also the main reason why most improvement or change-processes do not succeed. And its main cause is due to challenges towards strategy execution. When change process becomes hard – we start adding excuses in our minds to prevent the hard times. “No Pain – No Gain” – soon becomes our enemy.

This is where Improve Performance Group comes in.

We are a community of passionate people regarding Performance Improvement. Our vision «Passion to Improve» is all about making it a little bit easier, more efficient and effective to improve performance through our community.

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Our Goals

Our goals are; connecting people and relations. Sharing knowledge and skills. Inspire and motivate towards personal growth. Enable private and public groups and forums. Establishing a platform to for collaboration.

Our Values

What do we care about? People; It`s all about People First! Passion; We want to work with like minded people who share out passion for performance and innovating change. Process; We will share and develop world class methods to manage “excellence in performance execution”. Performance; that brings value into life.

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Our History

Throughout the year we will invite leading companies and top
ranked athletes to share their Best Practice.

January 2012

Improve Performance Group Launch on LinkedIn

March 2018

165 Members on LinkedIn

January 2019

Improve Performance Group New Launch

June 2019

New Design and Platform

August 2019

Development starts

November 2019

New Release

Our Team

We believe in the power of teamwork. It’s about shared values, shared goals, shared strategies, shared visions; a unified commitment based on mutual trust and motivation.


Ronny A. Nilsen

Founder & CEO

With 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, business training, mental, physical and social training, software engineering, Ronny has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand entrepreneurs’ and businesses and craft the most suitable solutions.


Feng Zhu

Chief Technical Officer

With over 15 years of experience in software engineering, operations, and decision analysis, Mr. Feng Zhu has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand the technical aspects of development of a world class Software like Improve Systems.


Anand Agarwal

Head of Development

With over 10 years of experience in software engineering, operations, and decision analysis, Anand has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand technical challenges and tasks and craft the most suitable solutions.


Tove Bøe Nilsen

Chief of Admin

With over 20 years of experience within our two companies; Tove has first class experience in whats needs to be done, why and how as well making a solid structure to work efficient. A “Customer Care and Relations” specialist.



We are aiming to become a recognized provider of an Online Community focusing on connecting people to performance excellence.

Join Webinars

Throughout the year we will invite members to join webinars with different topics.

Pricing Model

Currently our pricing model are divided into four pricing categories; free, Plus, Pro and Premium.

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